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Weekend Reading [12/30-01/01] :: Let's talk about 2017...

I am so done with 2016 I have no words for it that accurately sum up this worst of the worst year. 

Part of me is so eager for the new year to start, while another part of me worries that it could be even worse. Please tell me I'm not alone there.

This terrible year did grace me with some wonderful reads though and for that I can't completely hate it. I am quite excited to see a lot of my auto-buy authors have multiple 2017 releases though. Here's hoping 2017 is going to be a year where picking a favorite read will be difficult because there are too many awesome ones.

In the wee hours this morning I finished up an ARC of Merrie Destefano's LOST GIRLS. Talk about a book that will make you lose track of time! After 7 months not working for the publisher I'm back to not knowing what's on the schedule for upcoming releases and if the hints I catch here and there are any indication, Entangled Teen is going to have a banner year. Just you watch. If you read YA make sure you get their newsletter so you don't miss any.

This week wound up being a bit weird and I didn't get as much reading in as I would have liked. I did get all the holiday stuff down and all but a few bits are put away though so I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. Tomorrow we're finally all free so we can at last get to the theater and see Rogue One. I have been dying to see it and so miserable trying to avoid spoilers. I've been silent on social media about it but I feel safe confessing here how saddened I was by Carrie Fisher's passing. Somehow I never managed to read any of her books! I plan to remedy that by picking them up on audio in the new year, that way I can hear her as I enjoy her work.

Tonight and probably all weekend, I'll be reading MARESI by Maria Turtschaninoff. I read an excerpt from it earlier this year and just had to get my paws on an ARC. There just aren't a lot of fantasy novels (YA or otherwise) that are this thick with female characters. So far I'm barely started so I can't say if it's any good yet, but expect a review this week. I'll also be reading the re-issue of FROM THE ASHES by Xen Sanders which I read—and LOVED—when it was a novella ages ago. It's now a novel that I hope will find lots of fans as it was the first gay romance I ever read and have a mighty soft spot for it.

In other, more personal life than anything, kinda news... 

Blogilates 2017 Fitness Planner
You may have seen me mention how hard my mental health took a hit this spring and summer. I had been doing great, had good meds, was working out regularly and eating quite well, and felt like I was managing everything good. Then things got bad with my kid and such and I had to take a leave of absence from Entangled and then they couldn't take me back when I was ready to return. It was just too much bad happening to me in such a short time. I fell into the worst depression I've experienced. Ever.

During my deep, dark depression I completely stopped being active and eating well. I was in that state of depression where every little thing takes intense planning and motivation. Things that should not be hard (try showering or eating anything that requires more than 2 steps) became almost impossible feats of strength. And I gained 20 lbs. When I started my new job in October I literally had only one pair of pants that I could wear and they were tight. Still are.

With that revelation out of the way... my personal news is that I am finally in a good place emotionally and mentally to get physically healthy again. I've missed working out and feeling strong. I've missed sleeping well and having energy. But most of all, I miss having clothing that fits me comfortably. I'm not particularly vain about weight because it's just a number but dang does it suck when everything from bras and pants to socks and t-shirts are too tight.

Fitness + Life Planning = I can do it!
Why share all this? Something that held me back from getting mental health care (ie. medication, therapy) when I needed it years ago was feeling the harsh stigma from external sources. When we use the word crazy we often forget that it just means mentally ill. Just like I need medication for my epilepsy to stay under control, I need a medicine to help my brain's chemicals in order so I'm not so anxious I can't walk to my mailbox. I want you, if you're feeling the stigma, to know it's actually no big deal. I'm "crazy" and I'm still a good mom, work hard at my job, and manage to have a pretty normal life. Sometimes I need to spend 45 minutes speaking rapid-fire at my therapist to deal with hard days but that's okay.

As readers I think we can also find comfort and strength in fictional worlds. I most definitely do.

So, I might be a little goofy for a couple of months as I try to find a good balance of job-house-family-health-blog-self-etc. If you're a long time reader who is working on health and wellness goals in the new year please feel free to email me or message me on social media. I have an Instagram account I use for all that stuff. It's not private but it does not connect to any of my other things so it's not easy to find. I'd love some buddies who are staying fit or sharing healthy recipes, or that just need an accountability buddy. I have lots of health/fitness/wellness stuff I can share too, you should see my Pinterest board for it. lol

Dear readers, I hope 2017 brings you only wonderful things. I wish you health of body, mind, and spirit. I wish you financial prosperity and emotional wealth. I wish you friendship, laughter, and nothing but great reads! Thanks for being a fan. ♥ -- Rhi

P.S. -- Need a 2017 planner? I decided to buy the Blogilates 2017 Fitness Planner because I need a more focused planner right now and it is a great blend of wellness and life planning. I am super impressed. Not to mention it's gorgeous! Check it out through my affiliate link.

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