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Weekend Reading [11/25-11/27] :: Shhhh! We're Reading.

I'd love to be enjoying my 5-day weekend but my family has been home these past 3 days. They never shut up and a family emergency of sorts had us last minute switching our Thanksgiving dinner plans. So all the cooking and dishes fell to me. *facepalm* I survived but it wasn't quite how I had seen this weekend going.

If you're American, I hope you had a pleasant holiday. Good food, good company, and a quick exit strategy. lol

My weekend has gotten off to a productive start. The sick kid passed her crud onto my hubs and then this morning I woke up with it. Argh! I have somehow managed to finish three books in the past day though so I'm feeling a bit bad-ass. Of course, that much productive reading can burn me out so my coming down with yuck is timely. When I'm ill like this—with the whole fever, coughing, sore throat type of ugh—I usually have a harder time reading because I can't relax or focus. Might be time to binge-watch something. Do you find yourself ever struggling with the same restlessness while you're in bed sick?

Should I manage not to get too foggy brained I'll likely find myself finishing Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin since it's a library book due in a few days. I thought it was going to be a bit more steampunkish so I'm not quite as into it as I had expected I'd be. Having just been deep in several fantasy/dystopian/YA reads I think I'm going to start White Christmas by Rebecca York shortly after I get this post up. I really do need something to get me in the holiday mood so I can get my decorating on ASAP. FBI agent heroes aren't usually my thing but the plot sounded cute enough I figured why not. Have you read any good Christmas themed novels or novellas yet?

Now that was about all I have the energy to share darlings. My chills are coming back and I need another cuppa for this sore throat. Sending warmth and good vibes your way! -- Rhi

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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

dang that's some good reading. Ahh on the change of plans but whew on surviving it all :)


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