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Weekend Reading [10/07-10/09] :: Sleep is Good & Pushing Comfort Zones in Reading

Good morning RhiReaders! 

Funny story... I was so dead tired after I got home from work yesterday that I fell asleep by accident. The new job is fantastic but I think it's going to take some time to adjust so I'm not so tired on Fridays that I crash.

Since my week was really busy with a new job and such I didn't get a ton of reading fit in. I did manage to finish up several almost-done books though which was nice. I managed to clear out a bunch of them on my Currently Reading list on Goodreads which felt so good. I am still way behind on my challenge for the year though. How are you doing on yours?

Today I'm starting DARK HORSES by Cecily Von Ziegesar which is not something I would have picked up on my own. But when it came through my Amazon Vine queue its interesting premise made me decide to try something a little outside my usual selections. I've been working on kids books, non-fiction, and stuff for the other blog so I just needed something unexpected to spice up my reading.

I have a massive amount of cleaning and catch-up stuff to do around the house so I best be off for now. I hope to sit down and write some reviews tomorrow and do a little bit of post preplanning for the Blog Ahead challenge. Hope your weekend is going beautifully. See ya on the flipside! -- Rhi

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