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Weekend Reading [09/30-10/02] :: Lots of BIG news!

Well hello Friday... glad you could make it.

What's happenin' RhiReaders? Don't ask me why but I am super tired today. It feels like September just blew by. Since I love October that's not so awful. Time to decorate for Halloween! YAAAS!

I also have some job news. I know a lot of you were wondering if I was back with Entangled Publishing yet. Sadly, over the summer they had hired new publicists and my position was no longer available. Admittedly, I was quite devastated because I loved working with my authors but fact is... I care about EP being successful. Totally not unhappy that they've got a great new team.

With few local options that suited my need for flexible scheduling, I wound up applying to be a teacher's aide at Punk's school. Interviewing was kinda scary because it's working with kids and I've only done that as a volunteer in the past. But I GOT IT! Send me good vibes as I get started next week.

This weekend I'm still working on Glitter. Ugh, I know. It's just not holding my interest for long periods of time. The concept is good. The characters are okay. I'm not sure what isn't working for me yet. Don't think I'm going to DNF it but I wish it wasn't an ARC I have to review it in a timely manner. Otherwise, I'd shelf it and come back to it in a few weeks. I should finally be finishing up Mary E. Pearson's The Beauty of Darkness which I've been listening to on audio. If you haven't started reading The Remnant Chronicles I highly recommend it!

Before I sign off I wanted to tell you guys about a few other things.

  1. My friend Sue (aka DaVinciKittie or GraveTells) has a stellar blog if you read mostly romance. She invited me over to be interviewed for a spotlight and even sent me a goodie box of books and swag to celebrate. It's a long interview but I think you guys will love it. I talk about romance pet peeves, favorite authors, feminism, and more! Plus, she's giving away one of my favorite romances. Check it out: Rhianna Walker talks fave authors, romance pet peeves, & gender bias
  2. This weekend is RhiReading's 8th Blogiversary! Can you believe it? So many blogs die within the first year. Others die as their niche genre stops being the hot thing. Basically this makes me like a grandma in book blogging years. lol I really wanted to do a big giveaway to celebrate but having been out of work for 4 months... well, I'm painfully broke.
  3. Speaking of being broke, I actually have a side project I've been doing to attempt to make some extra money. I became a Perfectly Posh consultant after a fellow book blogger turned me on to the products. If you're in the US and want to give it a no-pressure looksee please join my Facebook group, That Geek is Posh. Tomorrow I'm launching a contest in the group and I'll be sending samples of our brand new Fall-Winter products out too. It's a totally casual, fun group and we'd love to have more book geeks in the mix. 

And now I really will sign off. 

Here's to a wonderful weekend. May your days be filled with fun and relaxation. Or reading at the very least. See ya next week! -- Rhi

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