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Weekend Reading [09/23-09/25] :: Interviews, Nightmares, & Fighting for Your Right to Read

My season hath come!

Don't get me wrong, I love summer. Being cold is the worst. But autumn is the most magical season. I always feel a little bit like I'm waking up when the season shifts. The rainy days. Brilliant shifting colors. Apple cider, cinnamon, and caramel everything... because I have to be that contrary weirdo who finds pumpkin yucky. Not to mention it's almost October which is my favorite month full of awesome stuff: my blogiversary, wedding anniversary, birthdays for most of my family, Halloween!

What about autumn do you most look forward to?

This weekend I have a bunch of stuff to get done. I have an interview sort of thing to write for a special feature at another blogger. Can't wait to share that info with you guys! Consider this your official tease. I have to start my first batch of home brewed kombucha. Yeah I bet y'all are going "whuuuut?" Google that stuff and if you see it in the store give it a try. It's my new favorite drink that isn't coffee so I decided to try brewing it myself because DIY is always a fun challenge. I also have to go buy a pair of pants to wear for a job interview (OMG guys send me good vibes I need this job so badly) because 6 months of crippling depression killed my healthy habits. I went up an entire pants size and don't own anything interview appropriate in it. Argh! I'm getting my habits back but I'm pretty sure I can't drop a pant size in 4 days. At least not in a healthy way.

I'm cheating on books with new TV shows, how about you?

American Horror Story always feels like a new show thanks to its new theme/plot each season and so far me really likey season 6. I'm going to check out Pitch when I can find the time to on demand it. My stand out so far though is This Is Us. I saw the trailer an eternity ago and was very intrigued. It made me tear up. HOLY BALLS. The pilot episode was phenomenal. I cried 3 separate times. Then there's a really shocking twist at the end... if you pay attention there are interesting random clues that if you are putting them together might help you figure it out. Even still, I was surprised and if you've read my reviews you know it is damned near impossible to surprise me. I always see the twist coming (totally a Scorpio thing btw). Not this time. Even Mr. Rhi wound up deciding he wants to watch it even though he didn't have any interest in it when I made him watch the trailer. Dude is hard to impress so I feel safe recommending it.

Oh yeah this post is supposed to be about books...

I got started on Glitter but no opinion worth noting yet. Lots of non-fic books I need to review soon over on The Rhialist right now so I have several books about feminism, parenting, and social stuff to finish up. I might fit in a few more shorts from Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror to mix it up and start getting pumped for Halloween. Tell me what you're reading in the comments, I gotta know!

Don't forget! Banned Books Week begins on Sunday. Stand up for your right to read whatever the hell you want. Every year I talk about why it matters so much to me personally, my whole story about The Handmaid's Tale, so this year I won't. But I would love to hear your comments about a banned book that matters to you. You'd be surprised at some of the titles that have been banned or challenged... okay, and well some probably won't surprise you because hey we're readers... we tend to be in the know. lol

Wishing you a wonderful first autumn weekend! -- Rhi


Tgleichner said...

I can't wait to hear how your kombucha turns out - I also love it but am not so sure I am adventurous enough to try DIY. And good luck on the job interview, what type of work is it? No matter what it is, I'm sure you'd rock at it. Hugs!

Rhianna said...

*tackle hugs* Thanks Tracee! I'm trying to get a teacher's aide position at my daughter's school. I heard the pay isn't great but flexibility is more important to me at this juncture so a job that lets me be home when she's home is perfect. :) I have a lot of people rooting for me but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. I'm not someone who grew up with grand plans to be a mom and I was never someone who loved kids. But in the years I've volunteered and such I've always found it really enjoyable. I think it's because most kids aren't jaded and they're very honest. They also see the world with a fresh perspective that can be really refreshing since we all lose that as we become adults.

I will be sure and let you know about the kombucha too. I could not find a SCOBY locally so I followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest to grow your own from bottled kombucha. I'm actually more nervous about the turning it into flavored kombucha part than anything. lol


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