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Weekend Reading [09/09-09/11] :: Feasts & Embers

I am so done with the past year. Just done. I just had a week of bad news left and right. It's been like this for about a year now.

Being a positive doesn't come to me naturally and so much bad news is pretty soul crushing. I did get one tiny ray of hope in the middle of it all though. I'm afraid talking about it will jinx it. I'm like a cavewoman trying to keep an ember from going out here folks! If you've got any good vibes to spare I wouldn't mind them coming my way.

This week I did a LOT of reading. I've been jumping between several books and I devoured a lot of graphic novels as well. I finished The Thousandth Floor, so expect a review sometime in the next week.

My current read is Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. It's the first time I've read this author and the reason I picked it up was because I had read the first chapter a long while back and was really impressed. So far though, it's not living up to that exciting feast scene. It's one of the reasons I actually tend to avoid excerpts... they can be a great scene from a book that winds up being one of the best.

I'm going to be playing a lot of bloggy catch-up this weekend. My writing mojo was a bit low with the bad news this week. So watch for some reviews! -- Rhi


Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Aw damn. I'm sorry yall are going through such a rough go. Hope things start turning around for ya!

Rhianna said...

Thanks Anna! I know they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger but sheesh, I'm feeling like Atlas this year. I'm strong enough Universe! :P


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