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Weekend Reading [08/12-08/14] :: Pretend this is a clever post title...

It's that time again folks—get your happy dance on because the weekend is here! How was your week? I had a wild one myself...

We've had a lot of bad storms this summer and this week we had one of the worst yet. Heavy rain, high winds, and hail that damaged a lot of trees and plants in our area. And I finally took the kitten to get spayed. You'd think she'd be down for some resting post-surgery but instead she's either persistently cuddling me or pinging off the walls. Trying to keep her from being her usual very active self is proving quite the challenge. I managed to see the new Ghostbusters finally (I enjoyed it so much!) and Suicide Squad (also a fun flick). I am so sad that Ghostbusters did so poorly that the studio nixed a sequel.

In other news I've been working on The Rhialist graphics wise. It's been in dire need and I just found myself in a place where I was inspired. Considering how fleeting inspiration can be I jumped on it. I still have much to do but I'm feeling good about the work I put in this week. If you ever wonder what I write about beyond books be sure and check it out.

This weekend looks like it's going to be a laid back one—knock on wood!—so I hope to clobber a couple of books. I've been a little more into my non-fic reads the past few days but we'll see. I started A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet this week. I wasn't quite in a fantasy romance mood but I have been looking forward to reading it so I figured why not. I'm also working on Dominating Red by Kristin Miller. It took me a while to be ready to read the 2nd and 3rd parts of the serial and I was finally ready for some dirty reading. lol

What's on your reading plate this weekend? I'm seeing lots of buzz on Jay Kristoff's Nevernight! If you're reading it or have finished it tell me what you're loving about it. Reading something else? Well, tell me about that instead. May your weekend be wonderful! -- Rhi

P.S. -- If you haven't done so yet... watch the Rogue One movie trailer!

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