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Weekend Reading [08/05-08/07] :: Gimme the Horror Reads!

Current Mood: Joyce Byers falling apart

Hello weekend! How was your week dear readers? I've been in a rotten funk thanks to stuff I really can't talk about here. My family visit last weekend was actually went well though. Usually our strong personalities and opinions result in verbal clashes.

I managed to finish last week's weekend reading just last night. Watch for a review sometime in the next few days. If you write reviews I'm curious... how soon after you finish do you prefer to write your review? I rarely review immediately unless I'm on a deadline. I like to give my thoughts time to breath, so to speak. Sometimes just sitting down to write the review can make me change my mind and rate it up or down a star from my initial just-finished rating too. Is that unusual?

This weekend I'm diving into a much anticipated ARC I've been sitting on—The Women in the Walls by Amy Lukavics. Loved her last book, Daughter Unto Devils. I've been in such a give-me-all-the-horror-reads mood I can't wait to dive in. What's your current reading mood? Let me know in the comments! -- Rhi

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Unknown said...

I don't think I do anything normal when I write book reviews, nor write many. Anyways I actually have a draft going while I read and make notes in it as I go and after I finish reading I then write up a review partially using my notes.


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