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Weekend Reading [07/08-07/10] :: When Non-Reading Pastimes Need Love Too

Is it just me or are y'all just DONE with this week? Like can we just skip to next week already?

It's been the kind of week where I feel like every time I get one step forward something pushes me two steps back. How was your week dear reader? What have you been reading? I feel like I'm being a bad reader. I have so many books started right now that I've been jumping between. I'm cheating on each one with another one.

My current active reads:

None of them are unenjoyable either. I'm not starting new ones out of boredom or because I'm not liking the others. The trouble is I'm a mood reader so sometimes I just grab something because in that moment it sounds like just-the-thing. I'm also struggling with wanting to do things that aren't reading. Wish me luck battening down the hatches on my weekend. I have got to finish at least one of these.

So what do I want to do instead of read? Play video games. I always feel guilty when I do that instead of read too. A little voice in my head tells me I should be reading instead. Does that ever happen to you when you take time to engage in non-reading related pastimes? I feel like such a butt when I sit down and watch a movie or do something else. If I do something like crafting, working out, or coloring I feel like I have to multi-task with an audiobook. Sometimes I do, but usually, I just want to enjoy my coloring or video game without dividing my attention.

But first, I'm off to make another cup of coffee, then play some Stardew Valley on Steam. If you're a RhiReader who plays games on Steam feel free to add me as a friend and let me know in the comments so I can accept your friend request. Maybe it'll lessen my reader guilt to see I'm not the only one. ;) Have a good weekend! -- Rhi


Unknown said...

Since my main pastime is stitching I am good at feeling guilty about playing video games and reading because I'm not stitching and getting presents done.

Unknown said...

And I won't get started on how shitty this week has been.


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