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Weekend Reading [06/10-06/12] :: Low #'s & DNF Thoughts

I'm in a nostalgic mood today. I was going to write about a few of the reasons why but I recently looked at my page views on posts and noticed a sad fact... Weekend Reading is one of my lowest viewed posts every week. Consistently. And yet it's my favorite. I look forward to it every week because it's my chance to just be random. So today is a test. To see if maybe length is the issue...?

What's on your agenda this weekend? I'm actually undecided on my reading, one of my reads that I really anticipated has been really bad so far. To the point I've been skimming which is a really bad sign of a potential DNF. Darn. I don't DNF often but when I do it's because I've decided the book is no longer worth giving time I could use to read something else. So wait and see I guess.

And if you made it this far please leave a comment telling me what you're reading this weekend! -- Rhi

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