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Weekend Reading [05/20 - 05/22] :: The Vacuum & the Back Burner

Welcome weekend! Do you ever hit Friday and start making weekend plans like spending all day in bed reading or catching up on a favorite TV show... only to realize your home looks like a toxic waste dumping site and your fridge is empty? That's me this evening. Blech!

I just really want to spend tomorrow lounging in my pajamas catching up on Game of Thrones and finishing a book I'm almost done with. But I'll probably be cleaning two bathrooms from ceiling to floors, attacking the horror that is my kitchen from end to end, and giving the new vacuum a very thorough workout on my carpets.

Speaking of which, if you're one of the folks who gave me a recommendation for the Dyson Animal back in March, thank you! It was a big monetary investment but it is fantastic, worth every cent! With 3 cats, 1 dog, and my daughter and I, we kinda have an excess amount of hair in our rugs.

What are you up to this weekend? Hopefully not having to clean all the things like I am.

When I'm not wondering what you're reading and lamenting the state of my sinks I'm reading GIRL AGAINST THE UNIVERSE by Paula Stokes. It was in this month's Uppercasebox and because it's a mental health related book I decided to back burner some other reading to make a little time for it. I just need it, the timing was perfect.

So it is (with my mental health in mind) time to log off of the computer and get ready to work out. I hope you have a splendid weekend! -- Rhi

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