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Weekend Reading [03/25 - 03/27] :: Getting Fit Fast & My New Book Boyfriend


It's been a little too quiet around here hasn't it? I kinda figured it was eventually going to be like that at times because when you work books sometimes you don't have as much time for 'just for fun' books too. That and I'm getting ready for RT while my personal life has been a very special hell for the past few months.

This weekend I'm finishing up Walk the Edge by Katie McGarry which I didn't think I'd love as much as I loved Nowhere but Here and damn if it's not even better. I'm actually planning to pick up a copy for my MIL who has a lot in common with Breanna. I think she'll love it. I think you guys will love it because Razor has turned out to be very complex with a hidden sweetness I wasn't expecting. Work wise I'm juggling no less than 8 books. No really. lol Most of which don't come out for quite some time so I can't tell you about them... yet.

And what are you guys reading, huh? As I cruise through social media I see lots of YA reading going on and less and less erotica. Do I detect a down tick in smut reading? Or am I just missing the peak hours for the dirty stuff? ;)

Meanwhile, here I am doing some insane new workout called PIIT28 that has shocked me. Y'all know I won't endorse stuff unless I really think it's worth talking about so this one is special.

After doing the freebie videos for a few years now I decided I was going to be even more motivated to stick with it if I paid for the workout and guess what? Today is Day 25 and I haven't missed a single workout yet. My favorite part though is the community, just like I love dishing with readers about books, talking about our successes and struggles and having the support of the other PIIT28 participants has been a huge help. In fact, I'm going to do it again after I finish the initial 28 and I would LOVE to find some friends who are interested to join me. Check out the link above and if you decide to try it let me know. I also find I do better when I have a friend who helps me feel accountable.

Speaking of working out, it's getting late and I still need to do today's. Good thing it's only 28 minutes and 40 seconds long! Have a fantastic weekend and let me know what you're reading! ♥ -- Rhi

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