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#FREEBIE alert! One bad boy. Two phenomenal authors. Three part serial.

Get in bed with a BAD BOY!
A HOT and hilarious bad boy romance from Lili Valente and Jessie Evans,
The Bad Boy's Temptation, is #FREE

Sometimes the only decent thing to do is block your own c*ck...

Former Marine Colton Brody is trouble with a capital T. One night with him and good girls go bad. Real bad.

But he's not going to let sweet Olivia Page end up another name on his hit it and quit it list. His little sister's best friend is off limits, even if her killer curves inspire an endless supply of wicked fantasy fodder.

With only a few weeks until he leaves town, this bad boy is determined to resist temptation. But then innocent Olivia makes him a not-so-innocent proposal.

Matter of fact, it's a f*cking indecent proposal.

And now Colton can't think about anything but giving it to sweet Olivia in every filthy way he's been imagining.

Resisting has never been so hard.

So very, very...hard.

WARNING: The Bad Boy's Temptation was previously published as part of the full length novel Good Girl Vs. Bad Boy. Additional content has been added for its publication as a serial romance. It ends in a CLIFFHANGER.

The Bad Boy's Seduction:
GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/2532oaA
The Bad Boy's Redemption:
GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/1PaIUoZ

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