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Weekend Reading [2/19 - 2/21] :: Reading High & Geeking Out

What day is it? *blinking eyes blearily*

After a very involved work week I must say I'm feeling good but a bit like I've been in a cave all week. Like the world went on without me while I was busy. Ha!

Something I never really missed when I stopped working years ago to be an at-home-mom was having coworkers. Now that I have a digi-commute and am in a field I'm truly passionate about, I find that my coworkers are one of the best parts of the job. Everyone is so talented and creative. I feel downright moronic next to them all. And I'm discovering that most of us are quite geeky which makes for some fun chats. I snapped today's header photo to show a couple of the gals just how much my geek takes over our home. This is just a tiny smidgen of it and you can't even see the other side which has much more. And this is just the top of my desk.

What do you geek about? That was also part of our discussion, how you don't have to be into comics or scifi movies or video games to be a geek. Everyone geeks about something. Reality TV. Sports. Fashion. All totally geekable things.

Maybe you just geek about books. That my readers, is pretty much the best thing to geek about. ;)

So what book are you geeking out about this weekend? For work I'm working my way through Nina Croft's The Order series. It's an older series that I never got around to reading and I can't recall why. So far it reminds me a bit of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lara Adrian's Midnight Breeds, and Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalkers. I'm honestly stumped why no one seems to have read these.

Just-because-reading wise I'm working on something non-fiction because I needed a mental palette cleanser and it interested me... Hot to Smoke Pot (Properly) by David Bienenstock. Since being diagnosed with epilepsy I've experienced plenty of unpleasant side effects from the medications that I have to take every single day for the rest of my life. Hearing about pot as an alternative made me curious, then it got legalized in the state I grew up in so I've been extra curious. I started reading about other ailments it could work for—namely insomnia and anxiety disorders—and so when this book popped up on NetGalley it sounded like something I'd enjoy and I am. Yeah, yeah shut up, I'm reading about drugs. I also read lots of sex and violence so bite me. :P

Well, I suppose I ought to shut down the computer and put on some pajamas. I'm all out of wine thanks to hosting the hilarious and wonderful #BrazenHappyHour earlier this week. Did you attend? I totally think it should be a thing we do once a month. I love hosting it. But I have some nice herbal tea and some chocolates so I think I could make a good night out of it. lol

Have a beautiful weekend dear readers and don't forget to comment with what you're currently reading! ♥ -- Rhi


Book Lover said...

I geek out on Sci-fi stuff.

Currently reading... I finally read Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. It came highly recommended and I loved it. Immediately after that I read Nov 9 by her. I'm starting a new book tonight and not sure which one. Maybe another one of hers? So many books out there to choose from.


Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

LOL having a little geek out over things is a good thing :D That's awesome about your co-workers :D


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