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Weekend Reading [02/12-02-14] :: Whatcha Readin' & Comment Love

Heeeello weekend! I am ready to dive into you.

And how are my awesome readers this fine Friday? Hopefully fantastic is your answer. I've been so busy with a side of busy that I haven't had time to post a weekend reading in a while, I've missed you guys!

What's new? Who has a great new book to read? Or an old favorite that's getting reread, maybe? Let me know in the comments what you're reading this weekend.

Me? I'm trying to get into FIRST LIFE by Gena Showalter. It's been a while since I read one of her books and she can be all over the place for me ratings wise. I've read stuff by Gena that I've loved and stuff that I've disliked. But she's a sweetie, years and years ago before I was a blogger she once offered a recommendation to me when I had posted on Amazon's paranormal romance forum (yeah that long ago). I thought it was quite kind of her to take the time to suggest a book based on the request of 'virgin heroes'. You just don't see a lot of them and they're a personal favorite.

Work reading this weekend is all about the Brazens. I'm finishing up FADE INTO YOU by Tracy Wolff—oh so angsty!—and looking forward to seeing what other fans think of it next week. Oooh, and don't forget to preorder because Tracy has a preorder giveaway going on until Sunday!

My other read is a first in a new series that launches in March and is super sexy. It's really reminding me of the early Brazen books that I loved. If you're following me on Goodreads you'll see it in my reading there.

There's a holiday this weekend huh? The hubs and I have never been big on celebrating it and we'll both be working on it this year so we're just gonna go see Deadpool on Saturday and call it good. If you have a sweetie do you and your special someone do anything special?

Have a good one guys and don't forget to comment! -- Rhi

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