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Wrap Up: 2015 Audiobook Challenge

Wrap Up

Please drop by the The Book Nympho or Hot Listens, for the full challenge details!

In 2014 I hit my goal with 12 audio reads so for 2015 I decided to step it up hardcore going with the 30-50 level, MY PRECIOUS. To help me keep track and make it pretty I made a Pinterest board where I kept my reads as I finished them.

Follow Rhianna's board 2015 Audiobook Challenge on Pinterest.

The year just got away from me. I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I've been buying audiobooks left and right, have borrowed many from the library, a couple of which I didn't wind up enjoying and didn't finish. I only finished 3 from my must-reads list. I managed about half of what I really had hoped to hit this year so maybe I'll be a little more realistic with the challenge in 2016.

But I've learned a lot about my tastes as a listener from my experiences this year...

  • A narrator who's voice bothers me is a huge problem. It distracts me a lot.
  • I can listen at really high speeds once I'm suitably into the book but only if the narrator's voice doesn't sound really weirdly pitched.
  • Some stories work better when read than listened to and with that...
  • I can't listen to dark erotic romances, hearing certain words read by someone else makes my skin crawl. Seriously, the "C" word squicks me out as it is and it's way worse in an audiobook.
  • I can listen to audiobooks just about anywhere and while doing almost anything... as long as Mr. Rhi isn't around. He loves to tease me about the gushy romantic dialog and smutty sex scenes if he overhears them.
I'm so glad I joined the challenge, perhaps if I hadn't started working full time I might have done a little better since the Punk is in school now but overall I felt like while I didn't get the quantity I had hoped for, I listened to some really good books.

I plan to finish up a few books I've got started in the new year including:

1 comment:

Melanie Simmons (mlsimmons) said...

I listen at an increased speed too. I have many of the same books on my list that you had on yours. Glad to see you're joining us again in 2016. Happy listening.


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