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Weekend Reading [12/11-12/13] :: When Adulting Ruined Star Wars & What I'm Reading

Welcome to your weekend dear readers. I'm sliding in a bit late this week but darnit, I honestly don't have the energy for writing this post today. I've had the kind of week that has left me cross eyed from trying to cram so much into it. But it's that time of the year isn't it?

To add a bit crap cherry onto my week... the hubs had told me to buy our Star Wars tickets ages ago but I told him I didn't know for sure what my work day was going to be like. I knew I couldn't do a matinee because it's the last day of school before the holiday and our daughter would be having a classroom party. So I told him he should pick any other day after that that would work with his schedule since I'll be off for a couple of weeks and buy the tickets that work for him. Guess what he didn't do? Guess who is getting blamed for us not being able to get tickets at all during opening week? 

Lots of other stuff is going wrong but not getting to see this damned movie opening week with all the spoiler-loving a-holes on social media? Ugh.

So how about we talk about books before I start sniffling? What are you gobbling up this weekend? 

I'm finishing up the last couple of chapters of The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness which I honestly was really iffy on at first but love more and more the closer I get to finishing. It's probably going to get a 5 star review out of me and a recommended read for those who suffer from mental illnesses.

I discovered earlier today that I'm 2 books behind on my Goodreads challenge so I'm also hoping to finish up Ghost Light (Ivy Granger #2) by E.J. Stevens which I've been listening to for several weeks off and on. The series is proving to be really good even though the covers didn't impress me. Yeah guys, I can be a bit turned aside by a cover. I suck. Do you ever have moments of cover snobbery that you wish you didn't?

Well, I suppose I ought to let y'all get to reading. Thanks for reading the post! -- Rhi

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