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Weekend Reading [11/13-11/15] :: Readlongs for the Readultress #sorrynotsorry

I have been so busy doing all the things I almost forgot that today was Friday and therefore time to write up something for the blog. 'Cause you guys miss me when I don't post right?

One of the most badass things about being a publicist is that I get paid to read books. WHUT!?! Yeah. For reals. For example, this week I'm hosting a readalong of RUINED by Jus Accardo. Hilarious enough, it was a book I had bought when it came out but hadn't had time to read yet. With the sequel coming out on Monday this was the perfect time to refresh everyone's minds about it. Have you read it yet? If not, jump into the readalong. It's not very spoilery if you don't have time for the whole book. If yes, jump in anyway! The more the merrier. ☺

I'm still otherwise working on MENAGERIE. I'm hoping to get a minute to start THE GEOMANCER by Clay & Susan Griffith too since I suck at reading only one book at once. Like really, really suck at it. I am a total readulteress. #sorrynotsorry

Otherwise I have another weekend where I have a lot of cleaning to catch up on—omg bathrooms get so nasty when you have zero time and no help—and I have work stuff. Betcha can guess which one is more likely to get done. lol Who needs clean mirrors?

Here's hoping you don't have to spend your weekend cleaning and coding because you've got a good book you're reading right? Leave me a comment and let me know what it is. I love finding out what you guys read! Speaking of reading... if I want a few minutes to read tonight I should really go scrub a toilet or two. Have a marvelous weekend RhiReaders! -- Rhi

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