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Weekend Reading [10/02 - 10/04] Blogiversaries & Anniversaries

↑↑↑ Purty much me all this week. ↑↑↑

I've been really miserable with a cold and every time I think it's finally abating it comes back with a sucker punch. In fact... I woke up with a sore throat this morning when I really haven't had it since the beginning of the cold. How's everyone feeling? I keep hearing this is pretty much everywhere right now.

Yesterday was my anniversary which I kinda spaced on because I'd been having an insanely busy work week. Plus, some private life stuff had come up that had me worried and a little more stressed than I've been in a while. My mind was just not on the fact that I had a blogiversary and a wedding anniversary this week. Doh! Good thing Mr. Rhi and I are both laid back enough to not sweat this kinda thing. We wound up going to Walmart to get a frozen pie and I bought a bunch of Star Wars merch. That was about as wild as we got. 

This morning we woke up to the first snow. Yuck! But I'd bought donuts while we were out so we just had a nice coffee and donuts breakfast with the youngest kid. Now we've got to run a couple of small errands that unfortunately mean driving across town in a mixture of rain and snow that's coming down. Mother nature is in a mood today I guess. lol

Tomorrow I plan to clean and read. This girl needs some serious time with her books. First up, Legacy of Kings (Blood of Gods and Royals) by Eleanor Herman which might be my first DNF in a while. I snagged it off Amazon Vine when everyone was flailing over it and I didn't realize it was present tense narrative which I loathe. So far it's ridiculously boring and I honestly want to start being more willing to DNF a book I'm not enjoying so that I can move on to something I may enjoy. Do you ever struggle with a need to finish a book even when you're bored with it or not liking it?

Second, I'm reading The Moonshadow's Daughter (Wolfe Creek #3) by Kaylie Newell which is technically for work, but I've been looking forward to this one since the last Wolfe Creek book so it's not really a chore. lol I put together a blog tour for it actually, my first time running one! If you enjoy werewolf books and have a blog... help a newbie publicist out by joining the tour

On that note I should probably post this and get moving with my day. One of my errands takes me over by the local B&N and I'm tempted to go in just to pet the pretties. But if I don't hurry I won't have time to do that. lol Have a wonderful weekend and please leave me a comment letting me know what you're reading. ♥ -- Rhi

1 comment:

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Oh man. Boo on being sick for so long! Hope you start getting mended quickly! Happy blogiversary and anniversary! What a week!


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