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Weekend Reading [09/25-09/27] :: 7 Years & a Wedding

Weekend Time!

I'm having a weird week. Nothing ruins your Wednesday like thinking it's Thursday until lunch time. And nothing kills your vibe like everyone being sick and trying to juggle rescheduling a bunch of appointments and stuff. But I'm in a mostly good mood because I'm getting better at my job and feeling like I'm finally getting a routine that works for me going. Working from home can be weird... it's way easy to get side tracked and wind up doing dishes instead of answering email if you're dreading writing a response. Next thing you know you're eating a bowl of cereal and talking to your cat instead of researching market trends. lol

As usual I'm juggling way too many books this weekend. I finally started DRAGONS WILL FALL and it's different than her work as Susannah Scott in a way I wasn't anticipating, but I'm reserving judgement until I finish it.  Y'all know I enjoyed Paula Altenburg's demon series so, of course, I was already likely to read PALE MOON WALKING. But I'm a publicist for it so I've been slowly working on it. Isn't its cover redonks pretty? I love the blend of wild west and scifi romance so much.

Tomorrow my friends are getting married! Congrats R & B! I'll be offline most of the day and probably busy helping with prep tonight instead of reading. But my hope is to also finally get to start another title I'm a publicist for, HARVEST MOON! Could I be any luckier than to get to promote two of my favorite authors releasing on Monday? 

Now that I'm finding my groove with work I'm trying to get some more blog tours stopping by RhiReading. Can you believe it's turning 7 on Thursday!?! I keep forgetting. Every year I forget until the last minute. I might have to figure out a little giveaway to celebrate next weekend. To give me an idea of what to giveaway would y'all please tell me if you're US or International when you comment with what you're reading this weekend?

Well, I better get going or I'm not going to get time for dinner before I go help with setting up tables and chairs and all that good stuff. Thanks for continuing to be such devoted fans. ♥ -- Rhi

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