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Weekend Reading [09/11-09/13] :: A New Book Boyfriend & Getting Glasses

I'm a bit late this weekend but I thought late might be better than not at all. Work just keeps me so busy I can barely spare a minute for my kids, let alone find time to write for the blog. I even worked all of last weekend's 3-day holiday weekend. Worse, I've had to force myself not to work again this weekend too. I just feel guilty if I'm not working 24/7. Like if I don't, the world might come crashing down, or I won't do well enough. In thinking on it I wonder if this is the result of having spent a decade as a SAHM. It's not a job you really get a break from and it's all day, all night, every single day of the year.

Because I have a bit of a conflict of interest going now I'm tying to find a way to tell y'all about titles from EP that I'm reading and loving that aren't reviews per se. It's an interesting conundrum considering the ethics and even legalities. I don't feel like my opinion is skewed on titles that I'm not working on publicity for but those that I am... it's a toughie. Do you ever face concerns of ethics in your profession?

 This weekend I'm tearing through VENGEANCE ROAD by Erin Bowman. So far I can't decide if I really like it. The opening chapter was great and I like the language but it feels unoriginal.

My other read is THE ENGAGEMENT GAME by Jenny Holiday which is a for-work read. Yeah, yeah, I'm doing publicity for it so take my thoughts with a grain of I-might-not-be-allowed-to-say-if-I-don't-like-it salt and know that I am loving it so stinkin' hard. Ya know, I was never really a big reader of EP's Indulgence titles but now that part of my job means I need to read them I'm surprised to be finding myself not hating them. I mean I adore dozens of authors I've met digitally speaking, but have never read their books because they just don't appeal to me. Many I probably will never read in spite of thinking the authors are just the coolest people. But I'm kinda thrilled that my job is making me stretch my legs a little and travel into a genre I previously hesitated to give more than the occasional chance. So all of that in mind, TEG is so effin' good guys. I'm trying to write a sort of mini reviewish thing for why I think readers are going to enjoy it for a later date but suffice it to say I've got a new book boyfriend.

Oh, and amusingly, I got today's pic topic because the hubs and I had our first eye exam in 15 years today. We both need corrective lenses. Ha! So I got my first pair of contacts today and we're both shopping for glasses now. My hair is getting so gray and now I need glasses? Awww man. The good news is that getting glasses should help me read better and for longer. Getting used to contacts is going to take a while... seriously, getting them in is no biggie... getting them out is a serious pain in the ass. I had to chop all of my fingernails off because my fingerpads are naturally so flat I couldn't get a hold of the lenses without poking my eyes with them. Doh! If you wear corrective lenses please tell me all your tips and tricks and where you like to buy them online.

Well, I suppose if you're reading this you're probably wondering if I'll ever shut up. lol So I'll wish you a nice weekend... errr... Sunday anyway... and run away before you bean me with digital pebbles. -- Rhi

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