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You're Never Too Old For Bedtime Stories #NationalBookLoversDay

I generally don't read much during the day. Since I've spent the past almost six years with a little one at home it's just hard. Kids have a sixth sense for that moment when you sit down and crack a spine. This also applies to trying to make phone calls and using the bathroom. Thus, I've become a night reader and while I'd like to read at any time of the day isn't bedtime reading the best anyway?

I've spoken about my childhood hardships here on occasion and even some of the tough stuff I went through in my mid-twenties. But I don't think I've ever written about the year I turned 18. It's a very long story how I started reading to my mother every night but suffice it to say we were both in a very bad place in our lives. We were sharing rent on an apartment at the time and sometimes I would hear my mom crying at night. So I decided to read to my mom every night to help her fall asleep.

Money was extremely tight so I depended on the library and I knew my mom wouldn't enjoy my science fiction reads really. I decided to read books to her that I had seen as films over the previous summer while I had been away visiting my dad—Seven Years in Tibet, James and the Giant Peach, and the lengthy Les Miserables. I didn't read very much to her each night, just a chapter or two, and she'd be off to dream land. Sometimes I wouldn't realize she had already dozed off and keep reading only to have to reread a chapter the next night.

It probably sounds weird but even though it was a really difficult time of our lives I still sometimes wish I could read to my mom at night. After all, she read to me when I was little and I was made a lover of stories thanks to the efforts she and my grandmothers both made to read to me and buy me books.

I enjoy audiobooks because there's something special about someone reading to you. Sure, it's practical for car rides and working out but don't you just love being read to too? I recently found out that Casper, the really innovative mattress company, will read you a bedtime story if you call their hotline. Isn't that cool? I can't even get the place we bought our mattress from to give us the free pillows they promised us back in February and these guys will read me a bedtime story if I call them.

Since it's National Book Lover's Day and I'm exhausted from the new job I'm off to read to myself. I hope that the next time you need someone to read to you you'll consider giving Casper a call and if you're mattress hunting check out their mattress, I wish they'd had a showroom near us this past winter when we needed to try it. Happy NBLD! -- Rhi

Thanks for giving me post inspiration Alyce!

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