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Weekend Reading [08/21-08/23] :: Smokey with a Chance of Chores

Woooooh! Doing the Friday dance here guys. Another week of learning tons of new stuff for the job and feeling like I forgot half of it already. lol I am so happy though. I can't help but grin with delight every time I get an email from an author I'm working with or meeting for the first time. I think I'm pretty damned lucky to be surrounded by so many smart, funny, kind, and creative people in my new career. That said, I am overdue for a bit of digital disconnection so I'm hoping to avoid the internet all day Saturday.

Instead, I have loads of reading to conquer and bathrooms that need scrubbing.  My current reads are The Body Institute by Carol Riggs, Beauty and the Werewolf by Kristin Miller, and I just got an ARC of Divine Domination by Lili Valente. What are you planning to read this weekend? What genres do y'all read anyway? I'm always curious about that. Let me know in the comments.

Any other special plans? With school starting this coming week I'm finishing up school shopping so wish me luck. All of the Northwest is burning with wildfires right now so we've been smokey for days now. I'm dreading going out into it again after it set off my asthma today. Anyone else in this corner of the US dealing with this haze? Well, anyhow, I'm off to attempt relaxation. Have a good one! -- Rhi


Lover Of Romance said...

yay for having a fun work environment. I am hoping once I get my career going I will have that too. This book sounds so good, I love paranormal themes. I pretty much read anything romance---so contemporary, historical, paranormal, science fiction and fantasy. Just about love it all.

Rhianna said...

It is sooo good! There aren't a lot of things my mom and I agree on but Kristin Miller books is one of them. We love 'em. lol

It releases tomorrow so if you can pick up a copy Lover of Romance I def recommend. :D


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