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Weekend Reading [08/14-08/16] :: Because I'm always weird on the internet...

Leeeeetle bit late getting a weekend reading post up this weekend. Between work, power and internet outtages, and the glory that is having to do the cleaning and cooking when I'm not working I'm kinda dropping at the end of the day. I finally got a workout in after 10 days of not having time. That says a lot about my schedule right now.

One of the coolest parts of the new job is that I have to read and well technically that means I'm getting paid to read. lol Another cool factor is that sometimes they haven't been announces or put up for preorder yet so I can't even tell you guys what they are yet. Which makes me feel both super cool like I'm some kind of VIP but also kinda sucks because I can't gush about them yet! Soon though my darlings, the one I finished last night should hit safe-to-share status very soon. I'm ready to fangirl over it with you.

I finished a really cute YA this week that was a fun and sweet romance that'll hit shelves a month from now. I think you'll like it—Playing the Player by Lisa Brown Roberts—a lot if you liked Paper or Plastic by Vivi Barnes. One of my other reads that I haven't finished though is Avery Flynn's Dodging Temptation. Somehow I've managed to be the only romance reader who has managed to not read one of her books yet and daaang I'm glad this is my first because Dodge is so freaking HAWT. Lord have mercy. I'm not usually such a quick sell on a hero but he had me from the first page. Do I have any Flynn fans aboard? Which of her heroes is your current fave?

So I don't stagnate myself out reading only romance (which would be easy thanks to the awesome job lol) I'm also working on The Conquering Dark by Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith the 3rd Crown & Key book. I can't decide if I like or am meh on the series as a whole though. I like things about it a lot and yet the pacing and dialog can be so dusty and dry. And, my plan tonight is to dive into Felicia Day's memoir, You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). I even did my nails to celebrate the arrival of my preorder. I needed an infusion of geek girl positivity y'know?

And what have you been reading this weekend? I'm seeing a lot of the same books popping up in my Instagram feed, is everyone reading The Bourbon Kings expect me I wonder. :P If you are I hope you're enjoying it and if you're reading something else leave me a comment and tell me what it is. Hope you're having a great one. -- Rhi

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, I really want to read Felicia Day's book - hope you're enjoying it! It sounds like you're crazy busy, but that's great you're getting paid to read. How awesome!!



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