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Weekend Reading [07/24-07/26] :: ...but I get up again.

Who's having a good week? I hope it's you!

I'm having a pretty good one. Except for Thursday. Thursday was sucktastic. Short story is that sometimes sellers and brands ask for honest reviews and then get pissed off when you do just that only it's a 2 star. Even if it's remarkably positive toward the product itself. They wanted me to change my rating on Amazon, I refused but offered to remove the whole review. They chose the latter. I chose to roll with the punches and take it down from Amazon but my blog is my blog and they can kiss my ass it's staying up.

Today I'm out in my garage trying to host a garage sale. Not a big fan of strangers and haggling but I could use even the few extra dollars I might earn from it thanks to the expensive vet visit last week. Plus, it'd be nice to get all of the stuff we no longer need out of the garage finally. Wish me happy sales!

Reading wise I've done a ton of audio reading while getting the garage ready for the big sale and as luck would have it my library hold for Keira Cass' THE HEIR popped up! So I'm probably listening to it while I melt in the hot garage. I'm actually really enjoying it. I was afraid it would be weird reading about characters that were (in my mind anyway) just young adults that are now parents with a child going through the Selection. My other read is an adult one that I feel like I've waited an eternity for, BABY GOT BITE by Candace Havens. I might not be named in the dedication but I'm one of those fangirls who was eager to see Linc get a book after enjoying him in Take It Like a Vamp.

I know I said last week I would tell you guys what my secret news is this week but I'm going to postpone it until next Friday when it's been made official and half of the awesome people I know aren't away at RWA. That way it can be a better celebration and I will hopefully have at least had a chance to tell my own parents. Not that their thoughts matter on the news but well I'm sure they'd be offended the internet knew before they did. lol

As usual if you have a book you're enjoying this weekend leave a comment and tell me what it is. Even if it's not one of my genres I read it's always interesting to see what people are filling their minds with. And who knows, you might convert me to your genre! Wishing you a marvelous weekend. ♥ -- Rhi


Kim said...

Baby Got Bite is on my reading list too. I don't know if I'm going to get to it this weekend or not. I'm in Cranberry Cove with a cozy mystery.

I personally struggled with a book I read this week. :(

But, hopefully the garage sale was a huge success.

Lola said...

I can't believe they asked you to actually change the rating, in my opinion if they ask for an honest review they can't compalin if it isn't positive and you shouldn't have to remove your review just to make them happy. But I can understand why you removed it instead of changing it. I hope you made some money with the garage sale, vet visits are always so expensive. I am currently reaidng Summer Haikus by SJ Pajonas whcih I am loving so far. It's a romance book that takes place in Tokyo during the summer, perfect to read during summer ;). Hope you have a a great week!


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