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Weekend Reading [07/17-07/19] :: Local Tragedy & Polar Opposite Reads

[insert snores here] What a heinously exhausting week. I am so ready for bed and it's barely lunch time. As some of you might have seen on Facebook, one of my neighbors was murdered by her boyfriend in the wee hours of Monday. It was absolutely shocking and it took most of the day for us to know what had actually happened. When we found the details out the next day it was quite heartbreaking that such a brutally violent act had happened right up the street in our quiet neighborhood. I was even interviewed for the news! As I was saying to someone earlier... it's one of those things you see in fiction and never expect will be in your reality, but once it is you feel changed by it even if it's not directly affecting you.

Of course, I've turned to books to help me be distracted from the local chaos. I read a lot more than usual this week to be honest. So now I'm behind on reviews. lol But yay for getting good reading in! I also had a meeting of sorts this week that could mean some exciting things for me. I hope to have some cool news to share next weekend. ;)

Now, to the subject at hand! What are you reading this weekend? 

I'm halfway through Cole Gibsen's New Adult title WRITTEN ON MY HEART which releases later this month. While it's not exactly my life story, there are some eerie similarities to it that have made it both a little too close to home and intensely emotional to read. If I were to rate it right now it would be getting a 5 star review. It's really good guys so if you've been thinking you might like it I recommend preordering it!

My other read is about as opposite from WOMH as you can get. DARK DISCIPLE is the latest novel in the new Star Wars canon. After being intensely disappointed in the last two I read I figured maybe I'd give it one more shot before Claudia Gray's Star Wars book comes out. So far it's alright, feels much more in tune with the SW universe than HEIR TO THE JEDI and A NEW DAWN did. I hope I wind up liking it but the protagonist is an old favorite so at least it has that going for it. Are any of you guys big fans of fandom-specific books? What's your cup of tea? Perhaps Warhammer or Star Trek, M:TG or Doctor Who?

Well, my dog hurt herself yesterday and we had a last minute, expensive vet visit this morning so I am utterly worn out and have a dozen things to get done today still. I'm going to head out and check back to see what you're reading later. Sending wishes for a safe and reading filled weekend to my readers! ☻ -- Rhi

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