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Weekend Reading [07/10-07/12] :: I don't wanna adult this weekend, you can't make me. :P

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just don't want to be the grown-up anymore? I'm having one of those weeks. I think I get it the worst during summer because once you're an adult you don't get those lazy days you probably did as a kid. The hubs had time off this week and it's been pretty much catching up on chores. Yuck. 

What do you miss most about being a kid during summer break? Or if you're still a kid what's your favorite way to spend a lazy summer day?

Today's chore is cleaning our garage. Which is half full of crap I need to garage sale... and my social anxiety makes the idea of doing one really, really stressful. I don't want a bunch of strangers coming to my home. I dread having to talk to them. Yes, I am weird about people I don't know being around my home. Strangers elsewhere, not so bad.

This week I've continued working on The Undying Legion and the audiobook of Some Girls Bite, but I'm taking a break over the weekend to read ANYA AND THE SHY GUY by Suze Winegardner. I'm guessing the 5th (and final?) book in the Backstage Pass series will come out in August. Have you read any of them? Total guilty pleasure reads guys. If you love music and YA and romance I think you'll love 'em!

And what are you reading this weekend? Something delicious I hope. With so many people away at SDCC this weekend I've been hoping to stay off social media a little because it's giving me total envy seeing all the cool stuff I'm missing out on. Have you been to any special fan conventions? Which one is your favorite?

Well, I'm off to shuffle a few small chores off the list before I go work in the garage. Have a fantastic weekend y'all. ♥ -- Rhi

1 comment:

Alishea said...

You might check around and see if there is a local swap meet type venue. Then you take your stuff there and no strangers at your house.


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