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Weekend Reading [07/03-07/05] :: Quarantined & Aiming High

^^ This is pretty much my life right now.^^ Last Saturday afternoon I was happily writing reviews and scheduling/coding tour/promo etc. when my inlaws brought my youngest home from an outing they had picked her up for... because her head was itching really bad... because she has head lice. Well guess who has been waking up and crawling in bed with Mr. Rhi and I a lot over the past few weeks? So guess who else has head lice? *shudder* Yep, me.

Which means I've dropped about $100 that we didn't have to treat this. Plus the Punk and I have long hair so together the hubs and I have collectively spent about 45 hours this week combing hair. Turns out Monk has it too. Ugh! 

The bright side (the only positive thing to come of this) is that I managed to get a few extra hours of audiobook listening in. One of Mr. Rhi's coworkers recommended he read SPLINTERED by A.G. Howard so I figured we'd 'read' it together but after a few hours he's not digging it. Probably too much talk about moths and crazy people. We also decided to start watching Supernatural, we're only 3 episodes in and I'm really meh on it but everyone told me it gets better season by season so wish me luck.

I'm kinda taking the weekend off because between the hours and hours of lice treatment, the holiday (which we can't celebrate really since we're on quarantine), and the hubs being on vacation I just don't have time to really do social media and bloggishness. Okay, and I'm going to work on a resume for a job I'd love to have but don't think I'm likely to get. Send me the good vibes because it's kind of scary and kind of exciting and I figure at worst I don't get even an interview at best, I at least get my toe in the door.

So what are your weekend plans? I know not all of you have a holiday to celebrate but if you do how are you celebrating? It's actually our dog's 5th birthday so we're probably just going to hang out with her and keep it noisy enough to drown out the fireworks because it makes her think we're under attack. lol She's not scared of them at all! She just wants to attack back. LOL

Reading wise I'm finishing up MAGONIA by Maria Dahvana Headley which is really trippy and hard to put down. I didn't like it at first but it grew on me. If you like Howl's Moving Castle or Neil Gaiman's Stardust I think you'll love it. My library finally bought an audio copy of SOME GIRLS BITE by Chloe Neill after I recommended it a while back. Since I was first in line to check it out I've been listening to it here and there and I am really digging the narration but also the story. Whatever you're reading I hope you'll leave me a comment letting me know and that you have a wonderful weekend. ☺ -- Rhi

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