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Weekend Reading [6/5-6/7] :: Sore Muscles & Sexy Comics

Thank heaven it's rest day! Oooh, you thought I was gonna say Friday didn't ya? ;)

There's something about the onset of warm weather that makes me go from slug to squirrel physical activity wise. So for June I printed out the workout calendar and stretches challenge sheet from Blogilates and have been working my butt off. Literally. I am so very sore today and have been for the past 3 days too but my anxiety and stress really made motivating myself hard up until recently. Is fitness important to you? If it is what's your favorite way to workout?

If you've been thinking about getting fit but haven't found something that works for you yet I would totally recommend checking out Cassey's book, Cassey Ho's Hot Body Year-Round: The POP Pilates Plan to Get Slim, Eat Clean, and Live Happy Through Every Season. I've never been able to really connect with a 'trainer' or fitness celeb before and as soon as I discovered Blogilates Cassey became my hero. No one had ever really said to me that it was okay to do plank on my knees or make other modifications to suit my physical limitations. She's all about helping her viewers build up their strength and do their best without breaking them down.

But enough about my trying to get back into a fitness routine. We're here to talk reading! This weekend I'm working on Dying to Date (Fated Match #2) by Victoria Davies and so far it's great. I'm also slowly working my through the first volume of Sex Criminals which I thought was going to be really stupid but is actually quite hilarious. I mean, the guy character's dick glows... how is that not funny? What are you planning to read this weekend? Got any other great plans?

On that note this gal is off to try and do some reading and relaxing of these poor muscles. Have a wonderful weekend! -- Rhi

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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Oh man. I am so the opposite. This time of year comes around and I don't want to move! lol It gets so hot here and I am so not a hot weather girl. That's awesome on the challenges you printed out :D I know I need to do more of that sort of thing.


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