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Weekend Reading [06/26-06/28] :: I'm drowning in my TBR pile... how about you?

Who's hot? *raises hand* Take that whatever way you will... we're finally getting some heat up in my neck of the woods. Since I love hot weather I'm happy as a clam. Now if only I could just lay about watching the butterflies and listening to an audiobook. No such luck, people need feeding and the yard needs work. What are you up to this weekend?

I have way too many books I need to have read and reviewed on Tuesday. I can't seem to get caught up this week. But I've got two sexy reads I'm focusing on over the weekend. Lili Valente's next chapter in her serial, DEEP DOMINATION, is today's read. If you read my review of the first chapter you'll see why I went against my usual tastes to give it a shot. Seriously dirty stuff guys... in a good way if you like smut. *wink* The rest of the weekend is devoted to HARD TO LET GO by Laura Kaye. I've already started and it's hard to put down. If you love her books be sure and drop in next week. I've got a release day event and my review goes up on Independence Day!

I'm doubtful I'll get my other two reads started but I've got The Undying Legion: Crown & Key and Angel Lover on the docket. If you don't read Tricia Skinner yet, holy crap you are missing out! Her Angel Assassins series is sexy and fantasticly solid urban fantasy at it's core. I liked the first Crown & Key book but didn't love it so I've been hesitant to start it in case I get bored with it and it stalls my reading even more. Which book would you read first if you were picking?

I suppose I should wrap this up since I need to get my rest day stretches in and I might be having company for dinner so I gotta hide the mess. Drop a comment and let me know what you'll be reading over the weekend and if you'll be celebrating Canada Day or Independence Day next week what kind of plans you've got. Have a great one! -- Rhi

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Lover Of Romance said...

oh yes it is starting to get pretty hot here in Utah. But I do love summer nights, perfect weather.


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