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Weekend Reading [06/12-06/14] :: I'm a beautiful butterfly... or a tadpole?

Big changes have kind of been a theme in my world this week. I'm trying to keep up with it all and it's been really hard. I've been talking about it a little on the blog's Facebook Page and my Instagram so feel free to find me there. Some I've been enjoying discussing—my return to fitness and list making—but others not so much yet. But since y'all have been following my journey this year I wanted to say that I've really appreciated the friendship and support while I'm getting better. 

Being loud and honest about having a mental illness has been very challenging and scary... and important. Too many people (myself included) are afraid to get help because of the stigma associated with having mental health disorders. But this woman is done with letting anyone treat her like she's less of a person because her brain isn't working the way she needs it to. If you know someone struggling with depression, anxiety, and other highly stigmatized mental disorders please have their back when they are ready to get help but especially after they've been diagnosed and the shame tries to take over. These are no different than cancer or diabetes or the flu—I owe my therapist big time for helping me gain that perspective.

So anyway, I'm struggling with making some long-term changes and I'm extra afraid of how the one of the biggest ones is going to potentially kill the blog. I haven't sat down and had the cry over it yet but unless I can find a paying job I can do from home at the end of August I might have to close up shop. There. I said it. Ugh. *sad face*

I'm not ready to think about it yet. How about I think about what I'm reading this weekend?  I am so behind on review reading I feel like I'm drowning right now. I'm really bummed because I was supposed to read Beth Cato's THE CLOCKWORK CROWN this weekend because I need to review it for Monday but my damned review copy expired. Eep! I admittedly forgot I had it because of the time I took off in April. I am the suck. I was hoping my library had a copy but no such luck. Anyone by chance capable of lending it on Kindle?

By next weekend I've got to have DAUGHTER OF THE DEEP SILENCE by Carrie Ryan so I plan to work on it. Amazon Vine reviewing has its pitfalls and a very short timed review turn-around even from already released titles in the 'leftovers' bin sometimes means I have a mad scramble if I accept more than one title in the same week. So far it's pretty interesting but very mysterious. Did you read it? Did you like it? I'm finding Ryan's frequent awkward analogies a little annoying but forgivable.

I've also been nibbling at the 3rd Backstage Pass series book which has been pretty enjoyable so far. I've got to find time to go back and read the first two now. I'm also hoping to get Abby Niles' HER FORBIDDEN HIGHLANDER finished and reviewed on Sunday. It's a time travel type thing and it's not very long but I wasn't reviewing it for a tour or anything so it got a bit backburnered against my will. What are you reading? I hope you've got some good books on deck and some relaxing or fun plans too. Have a great one! -- Rhi

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