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Review: The Perfect Bargain by Jessa McAdams

The Perfect Bargain (How to Marry a Highlander) by Jessa McAdams
Contemporary Romance, Category Romance
Ebook (176 pages, LOVESTRUCK)
American lass seeks brawny Scot...
As if being newly single isn’t brutal enough, Sloane Chatfield's friends are getting obnoxious about setting her up. When Sloane insists she's waiting for a certain sexy fictional Highlander to come along, her friends surprise her with a trip to Scotland to find her a new boyfriend. She’d rather have a root canal. But if she can find a Highland hunk to “break her heart” before her friends arrive…
In a remote Highland village, Galen Buchanan is struggling to keep the family pub afloat. Everything is falling apart, he’s running out of money, and now there's an opinionated American lass parked at his best table, driving him mad. But then Sloane asks Galen to be her pretend Highland boyfriend...and offers him enough money to save the pub. It’s only for a few days, he figures. What's the worst that could happen?

Author Site: website

Your first beach read of the summer! (3 stars)

After hearing about it and hearing about it, I happened to win an ARC of THE PERFECT BARGAIN and figured what the heck, I'd give it a read and review. From the start I was pretty nervous. I love a good read that feels like watching a romantic comedy but there's a fine line between stereotyping and taking it a step too far and TPB really stomps on that line in the first few chapters.

Sloane and Galen come out of their stereotypes a little bit but unfortunately no one else in the story does. Her friends were horrid. I absolutely hated them and their whole group dynamic felt contrived, I couldn't see how these women would be friends in any world where they weren't being written together by an author. The ex Sloane is getting over is even worse. Unfortunately, the plot hinges on the whole faking a relationship to get the friends to back off thing. I say unfortunately because I think another plot device to bring Galen and Sloane together would have worked just as well and not made me feel so disgusted with the stereotyping.

My beefs aside, I grew to like their relationship as it grew and seemed to wilt and, of course, lead to a happily ever after. TGalen and Sloane are a great example of people who are polar opposites both culturally and in personality yet somehow compliment one another and helped each other reach for more than what they've been content with. If you enjoy a really how-could-they-ever-work-they're-too-opposite romance I think you'll like them as much as I did.

While it wasn't a flawless read, I felt like TPB was still fun and enjoyable enough to recommend for a train ride or beach day.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.


Kim said...

I actually cringed every time someone said "donna". I think it definitely had the potential to be better.

Kim said...
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