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Review: Her Forbidden Highlander by Abby Niles

Her Forbidden Highlander by Abby Niles
Romance, Time Travel, Highlander
Ebook (84 pages, SELFPUBLISHED)
Have you ever wanted to trade places with the heroine in a romance novel?
Gabby Stone sure has.
Gabby has spent months obsessed with her new book boyfriend: the sinfully sexy highlander, Devlin McAlister. When she wakes up in a medieval castle, she believes she’s having an erotic dream and jumps right into the fantasy. But this is no dream. The impossible has happened and she is now starring as the heroine.
Making the choice between returning to her shambles of a life or shacking up with a muscular, kilted, highlander should be a no-brainer, but her new living situation comes with major strings attached.
A war between love and written word ensue. Can Gabby overcome an author’s vision to claim Devlin for her very own?
*DISCLAIMER--This was previously published under my other pen name, Esmerelda Bishop, which I no longer use. The older title was DEVLIN'S DESTINY. This is an updated version with a new cover and title.*
Author Site: website

A quick and pleasurably meta read. (5 stars)

What a terrific, unusual concept! A delightful read for every reader who ever kinda wished they could trade places with the heroine of their favorite romance novel.

While it's by no means perfect, I thought that HER FORBIDDEN HIGHLANDER was a great story. My only big complaint was that I wish it had been twice as long so I could have had more connection with Gabby before she finds herself thrust back in time living in her favorite book. Even still it was enjoyably escapist and not so brooding that it felt melodramatic. I've read many of Niles' previous books and if you know her work you know she can write a fantastic love scene and this is no exception.

If you love highlander romances and would love a brief but fun palate cleansing read that tweaks the genre a little I would definitely recommend picking it up. I spread it out over a few nights but it could easily be read in one sitting making it a perfect read for summer travel. Enjoy!

Notes: Review copy received via author.

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