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Review: Deep Domination by Lili Valente

Deep Domination (Bought by the Billionaire #2) by Lili Valente
Serial, Erotica
Release Date: June 30th, 2015
Ebook (126 pages, SELFPUBLISHED)
WARNING: This is one deep, dark, hard-spanking, dirty-talking read. Are you ready?
Hannah is in too deep, falling steadily under Jackson’s erotic control. It doesn’t matter that he’s her captor and tormentor. She lives for the nights when he draws her deeper into his world, teaching her the thrill of submission
Pain and pleasure. Love and hate. Him and her.
Jackson is falling—remembering why he couldn’t get enough of the woman who destroyed him—but so is she. Soon, he’ll reach Hannah’s hard limit and her obedient fa├žade will fall away, exposing the monster he’s hunted across three continents.
But soon a shocking revelation interrupts their dark and twisted game and Jackson is left wondering who is the true monster.
* * Deep Domination is the 2nd in the Bought by the Billionaire romance series. For maximum enjoyment it should be read after book one.* * 

Author Site: website

Darker. Deeper. Delightful. (4 stars)

Dang! If you read my review for the previous installment in this serial you'll know it pushed my boundaries intensely but that I really enjoyed it. Love it even. But I had a much harder time with DEEP DOMINATION's sex this time around. Everyone has a thing or two that they just don't care for and spanking is high on my list of no-no's but I can often pass over it no biggie. But then there was some pretty hardcore deep throat action that while written very sensually was really uncomfortable for me to read. I was just cringing and holding my breath just to get through reading it. Neither are my cup of tea so I didn't dig the erotica part of the book as much this time around.

Hawke ramps up the vengeful hate-effing this time too. He's so hard to like and yet so easy to love. I burned through the entire book in one sitting anxiously dying for Hannah to just tell him he had the wrong sister already. The dark thoughts both have are deliciously dramatic and if you ever really want broken people to find healing together you're sure to find yourself wondering how these two will fare once the truth comes out. It could almost be terrible, however, Valente is a master at taking these dark things and polishing them just right so you can see the sparkle hiding under all the dirt. Readers who've enjoyed graphic

If you enjoyed DARK DOMINATION and are ready to face another, even better, cliff-hanger before the third installment buckle your safety belt and one-click DD. Then be on the lookout for book 3 next month!

Notes: ARC received via author.

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