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Weekend Reading [05/29-05/31] :: I saw Lindsey Stirling live! *fangirling*

It's the weekend. I'm alive. What more do you want from me? :P

So last weekend was pretty awesome. We packed up our teenager and drove the nearly 4 hours through the mountains and cattle country to Missoula. It rained and rained and rained right until we were almost there. I couldn't read because I get car sick so I was so glad to finally get to the hotel. We got checked in and relaxed a little before heading to this kickass Irish pub right by our hotel where I had what very well might be the best meal I've ever had. Then it was time to head to the Big Sky Brewing Company to see Lindsey Stirling!

Alas, we had dawdled too long and wound up stuck in the back and couldn't really see her well at all. But she sounded amazing and I'm really glad we splurged and went because it was a good show and she seems like the coolest artist ever. That she talked about her struggle with depression made me cry because I'm a big weirdo and having suffered through depression, anorexia, and now an anxiety disorder I got where she was coming from. Anyway, if you get the chance to see her DO IT.

I tried to read a bit and slept terribly then the next day was more driving back home. My legs hurt for 3 days from standing for 5 straight hours on the hard ground. I feel like such an old fart saying that. lol

Didn't get nearly half what I wanted to reading wise this week but I'm getting there. My reads for this weekend are an odd bunch again because why would I not do the odd thing? Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty, The Shadow Revolution: Crown & Key by Clay & Susan Griffith, and Controlling Her Pleasure (Under His Command #1) by Lili Valente... so Sherlock Holmes, more Sherlock Holmes, and some super dirty erotica. Young Adult, Fantasy, and Erotica.

Do you ever find yourself reading such a random and polar set of books at the same time? Speaking of your reading... drop me a comment and let me know what luscious tomes are taking up your hours right now. Also, pop over to The Rhialist this weekend because I have an art feature you might love.

And I'm off to sweep and vacuum because the hubs and I hit a matinee of Pitch Perfect 2 instead of doing chores today and we have company arriving any minute. (Totally love you guys more than having friends over, ha!) ♥ -- Rhi

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