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Weekend Reading [05/22-05/25] :: Do you cheat on one book with other books?

Happy Friday RhiReaders! Gotta make this one quick because I've got something special going on this weekend. I'll share something about it next Friday most likely but for now I wanna keep it hush-hush. Do you have any special plans for the long weekend?

I'm planning to work on three books I need to get read this weekend including Give Up The Ghost by Kelly Moran, Life Unaware by Cole Gibsen, and Shadow Sight by E.J. Stevens. It's a lot of reading but hopefully I can tackle most of it. Which makes me curious... do you stick to just one book at a time or do you rotate between a few at a time like I do? I think I'm probably unusual for switching around as much as I do but I find it to be very challenging to not do that.

Well, I'm being told I need to hurry up so I better get a move on. Have a lovely weekend guys! -- Rhi

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