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Review: Rat Queens Vol. 2

Rat Queens Volume 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N'Rygoth
 Kurtis J. Wiebe (Author), Roc Upchurch (Illustrator), Stjepan Sejic (Illustrator)
Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Feminist
Print (136 pages, IMAGE)
A brand-new, booze-soaked tale of the Rat Queens reveals a growing menace within the very walls of Palisade. And while Dee may have run from her past, the bloated, blood-feasting sky god N'rygoth never really lets his children stray too far. Collects issues #6-10 of the smash-hit series, plus extras.

This is how you write comics for women. (5 stars)

Oh Rat Queens, how do I love thee? I've gotta thank the people over at Espionage Cosmetics for sharing a pic of a group cosplaying the Queens last summer 'cause I had somehow missed the boat until then. As soon as I cracked Vol. 1 though I became just as rabid of a fan as the rest of y'all. I immediately went and preordered Vol. 2!

I was a little worried with the change in artists that I might not dig the style but Stjepan Sejic slipped in flawlessly. The story of trouble in Palisade continues and it's just as sexy and funny and bloody as ever. Flashbacks to Violet and Hannah's pasts are wonderful glimpses into what makes them tick while a revelation about Dee's is sure to surprise.

What continues to wow me about Rat Queens is that it's so wonderfully inclusive and feminist without ever seeming like it's pressing an agenda. I adore the cover of issue 10 so freaking much, way to turn a classic fantasy art trope on its head. The only bummer about this volume was that I'd hoped the Braga one-shot might get included and it was not.

If you're new to Rat Queens you've got to read Volume 1 first or you'll be pretty lost in the story. This is a fantastic comic that I recommend Rat Queens time and time again to women who want to read them but aren't sure what's a great place to start. Trust me, this is the one.

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Notes: ARC received via NetGalley but I also preordered this.

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