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Weekend Reading [03/20-03/22] :: Your Perspective & Adaptation Ponderings

Guess what!?! It's Friday! *dances* But you totally knew that already, right?

Who has some great plans for the weekend? I really have none beyond Nerd Night and laundry. Seriously, whoever invented laundry should burn in hell. As soon as I get it all caught up my teenager suddenly has a bunch of dirty clothes that were hiding in a negative space somewhere. The only consolation is that folding laundry is a good time for catching up on TV shows or listening to audiobooks. It works for me but I've seen a lot of folks say they can't listen to audiobooks while doing anything else. I can't do anything too involved, but cooking and cleaning type tasks work well.

This weekend I'll continue listening to Insurgent, I don't feel up to going to the theater to see it and since I hadn't read it yet I figured I better get it 'read' before someone spoiled it for me by talking about the movie. Speaking of movie adaptations of books... I often like both versions and don't mind certain types of changes but then there are some that are just really awful, Beastly and Vampire Academy for example, because they change very key factors or treat the source material like it's a joke. Do you ever find that if you see the film before you read the book you're better at forgiving the differences? I do.

In other reading, I just started AFTER THE RED RAIN by Barry Lyga, Peter Facinelli, and Robert DeFranco, while stuck waiting to see my therapist today. (If you dunno what that's about I posted about it yesterday). Anyway, not far in but really digging the atmosphere so far. It doesn't actually come out until August but I happened to get an ARC through Amazon Vine and we have a time limit for finishing reviews so I gotta get it read ASAP.

I'm also hoping to skim my way through the last quarter of THE SWORD AND THE SINKING STONE. I think I mentioned it last week and it is still kicking my butt. I just cannot get interested. :/ I thought it was just me but the more I've read the more I wonder if some of it isn't the world building, or rather, elements of it that aren't well fleshed out. Did any of you read it and enjoy it? Can you point out what you liked about it in the comments pretty please? Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective for me. lol

And now I'm off to get stuff put together for Nerd Night and to sneak in a few pages of reading. May your weekend be filled with hot romances or chilling thrillers or seat-gripping space adventures or angsty teen reads! ♥ -- Rhi

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