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Weekend Reading [03/13-03/15] :: I get too attached to fictional characters... how about you?

Holy sweaty balls RhiReaders! It's 64°F here today, supposed to be 71° tomorrow. Seriously warm for Montana this time of year. I actually went outside and sat in the grass and blew bubbles with the Punk this afternoon. Granted that grass was dead and brown but it was still nice. On Monday when it snows I'll be glad we had it. lol

So what's new with you guys? I've been trying to put a post together to explain the time off I'm taking next month but it's been kinda hard because it means opening up about a big personal struggle I've been dealing with for a while. It feels like I'm getting naked in front of the world and that's scary.

I've actually not read as much this past week as I needed to. My issues have made my brain just not want to read. Instead I've been playing hours and freaking hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition. I warned my husband not to make me try it. When I get into a game I don't want to do anything else. It's the worst. Are any of you guys gamers? I'm getting kinda sad because I've almost finished DAI and might have to replay it but I've totally gotten attached to the character I romanced. :S Awkward. Please tell me this isn't totally abnormal.

Last night I took a break from gaming to read Katee Robert's PROTECTING FATE which was so fucking haaaawt. I've mentioned it a time or ten that I honestly don't dig BDSM but there was a candle wax scene that had me looking for DIY massage candle recipes. lol Be sure and drop by on Wednesday because I've got Katee visiting with a cool guest vlog about her Serve series safe words.

For the rest of the weekend I'm planning on tackling THE THORN AND THE SINKING STONE by C.J. Dushinski which I wanted to have reviewed on release day but have struggled to get into for several weeks now. I love Romeo and Juliet retellings but for some reason I just cannot get into it. I'm also working on a non-fiction readBetter Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives—that I hope will help me tackle some of the aforementioned real life issues. I know y'all are fiction readers but what kind of non-fic do you enjoy? I probably average about 1 non-fic read a month but tend to not write about them over here.

Since we're kinda going off topic a lot in this post today what kind of blogs (aside from book blogs obvi) do you like? Beauty? Gaming? Fitness? Cooking? What are some of your fave blogs that feature books and more?

And this is the part where I run off to attempt to have a weekend. I'm heading to Nerd Night for some dinner and tabletop gaming! Hope you have a bad ass weekend and read some great books. Let me know what you are reading in the comments! -- Rhi

P.S. -- don't forget to drop in and enter the giveaway and vote for Jackson Granger again! We're going into Round 2 against another tough competitor.

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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

I still need to try Roberts. I'm sorry to hear things are going rough right now. Big virtual hugs. Hopefully the post will end up being cathartic for you.


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