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Review: Protecting Fate by Katee Robert

Protecting Fate (Serve) by Katee Robert
Erotic Romance, BDSM
Ebook (148 pages, BRAZEN)
Her body was his to protect. And to own...
Fixer Sara Reaver is furious when she discovers that she's not only been exiled to the country for her own safety, but she's been assigned a bodyguard. Zebadiah "Z" Loreto may be her brother's best friend, but he's also one big, bad, and very sexy wolf of a man...and Sara's determined to make him come out and play.
And oh, Z wants to play. But Sara Reaver is definitely off-limits and Z promised himself never to unleash his dark desires ever again. Still, he can see that she craves the harsh and sensual hand of control.
It will mean crossing professional and personal boundaries. Breaking their own rules. And they'll both discover just what happens-for good or bad-when they relinquish complete control...
Author Site: website

My new favorite erotic romance! (5 stars)

Oh Katee Robert, why are you so dastardly? For a few years now she's been dragging me into genres that just really don't tend to appeal to me. I came for the scifi roms and got stuck in the erotic contemporary romances with an auto-buy policy that's devilish. I know very few authors who are as prolific while bringing the quality with the quantity. PROTECTING FATE is no exception.

I knew I was going to like Sara from her two brothers' stories giving hints of her personality. I wasn't too sure about Z but once their chemistry took off running I was done for. You'd need a chainsaw to get through the sexual tension between those two and a flack jacket to avoid the sparks flying. They combust the pages even worse than Penelope and Will did in BETTING ON FATE and I didn't think that was possible. They both have good reasons to be wary of any intimacy cropping up between them—both physical and emotional—and seeing them cave to their attraction is delicious.

I do have to note that while I loved PF and found the following forgiveable because of the book's genre, not all readers will. I found it notable that I never felt there was a true catalyst to Sara's capitulation to Z in regards to attempting a relationship beyond her 3 play sessions policy. Not that it was insta-love but I didn't feel like she had an a-hah moment about her issues and finally letting someone in emotionally. The other thing I think BDSM readers might find about PF is that while there are elements of it in play, I found that when it ended I thought it was more just an erotic romance. I think it was more BDSM light than the previous entries in the Serve series.

Those two little things aside I absolutely loved it and was so freaking stoked that Z was a POC character! There's just not enough diversity in the genre if you ask me and big thumbs up to Robert for making it happen with this sexy, heartfelt read. And if you've ever thought wax play could be interesting that right there is reason to buy this and read it in one sitting like I did.

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Notes: ARC received via publisher.

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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Ahhh she's one I am seriously going to have to check out. I've had them on the tbr pile but just not made it. *kicks self*

Rhianna said...

If you get the chance to slip her into your schedule Anna DO IT! I've had one I didn't really care for but for the most part everything Katee writes is so steamy and fun. Love her!


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