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Entangled March Madness Round 3 #TeamJackson


Alright RhiReaders, you are on fire! We made it into another round! Lorenzo is a cute YA hero but Jackson is all man. Let's take him to the final matchup, head down to the rafflecopter and vote JACKSON. ☺ ♥ -- Rhi


Jackson vs Lorenzo Round 3 Match 1

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Jackson Granger Swoony Excerpt

Hello! I'm so excited that Jackson made it to Round 3! How awesome. Jackson says thank you! (Actually, his exact words were "Bloody, hell," but deep down, he's ecstatic). Jackson is the team leader for a crew of paranormal investigators named Phantoms. They've been called in to investigate Ava's haunted mansion. This excerpt is from Chapter Eight, where Jackson and Ava are alone in her kitchen asking each other questions to get to know one another better. Even Jackson surprised me with his swoon and charm while I wrote this scene. I hope you enjoy! xo
“Okay, Miss Cynicism. Ideal first date?”

She came back and sat down, sipping her wine. “Don’t tell me there’s a serious romantic under all that charm.”

“Guilty. Answer the question.”

She set her glass down. “I plead the fifth. You’ll laugh or use it against me to try to get into my pants.”

Guilty again. “I promise not to laugh.”

Her head tilted as she laughed at him, and the sound was warm, inviting. “See? Not answering.”

He sighed with dramatic flair. “Okay, fine. And I won’t use it to get into your pants. But may I point out, you’re wearing a skirt?” A knee-length red skirt with black tights under it, making him want to peel away the layers. She had great legs.

She studied him for a few seconds. “Watching a DVD in my living room with a bowl of popcorn. That’s my ideal first date.”

Huh. Not what he expected at all. “Really?”


She picked up her glass and fiddled with the stem. A blush rose over her cheeks and he wondered why that admission embarrassed her.

“Everyone’s afraid of my house. Whenever I’m seeing someone, we always go out or stay at his place. It would be nice to stay in once and awhile, you know? They don’t even walk me to the door.”

She was lonely. The thought never occurred to him. Ava was an independent woman comfortable in her own skin. Simple things like watching TV or waking in the morning were always alone. And that bothered her, at least to a small degree.

Well, hell. That was it. “Come here a sec.” He stood, walked to the kitchen door, and held it open.

“Where are we going?”

“The yard. Come on then.”

She pursed her lips and paused. Finally, she rose and checked the pot before meeting him at the door. “Dinner’s almost ready. We can’t stay out long—”

He closed the door behind her and leaned her against it. His admirable intention of offering her a sweet good-night adieu to make up for her previous dates blew to hell when her body pressed against his. Her glorious curves and tall frame meeting his muscle inch for inch had his desire raging.

“What are you doing?” Her whisper ended with a hitch, telling him she felt the pull too.

His belly heated. Other parts awakened with vigor. “Walking you to the door and kissing you good night.” Framing her face in his hands, he leaned in. “I had a really good time tonight.”

And then he did what he'd been wanting to since first setting eyes on her. He closed his mouth over hers.

There you have it. I could hear you swooning from here. *grin* Thanks for coming by and Go Team Jackson!

Find out more about Jackson Granger in Ghost of a Promise by Kelly Moran

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