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Entangled March Madness ROUND 2! #TeamJackson


Thanks so much for helping me champion Jackson in Round 1 RhiReaders! I truly have the most kick-ass fans ever. But it's time for Round 2 and we're up against Reid from Anomaly by the amazing Tonya Kuper. AUGH! Another round where I'm championing a hero against an author I adore. But this is war guys so please see why Kelly Moran agrees with me that her hero is the ULTIMATE HERO and vote JACKSON!


Reid vs Jackson Round 2 Match 1

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Top 5 Reasons Why Jackson is the Ultimate Hero!

Hello, everyone! How exciting that Jackson made it to the next round. He just offered up a lopsided grin and rubbed the back of his neck. Jackson is a man unaccustomed to staying in one spot for long, but Ava knocked that wanderlust right outta him. I had so much fun writing him. Phantoms is a supernatural series, which kicked off in January with Jackson's book, Ghost of a Promise. Book two comes out in May and book three in September. I also write heartfelt contemporary romance and I have another series launching this year called Covington Cove. I'm a Readers Choice Finalist and a Catherine Award-Winner, plus earned one of the 10 Top Reads on USA Today's HEA blog. So nice to meet you!

1. Charm: Oh yes. Jackson has charm in spades. As the lead investigator for the hit paranormal TV show, Phantoms, he's used to being in the spotlight and wowing viewers. And women. It's his superpower.

2. Sex Appeal: Eh hem. Need I say more? Yes? Okay! Wavy black hair, square jaw, a dimple, perpetual five o'clock shadow and oh-my-gosh blue eyes. At six feet, he has lean, corded muscle, wide shoulders and narrow hips. His scent is a light mix of lemon and mint. His voice, though...Oh ladies. Watch yourself! You'll melt. You=Puddle.
3. Heritage: Did I mention Jackson is British? Hello, luv! His mum lives in the States but his father resides in England. He bounced around across the pond and can wield that accent like a weapon of mass desire. *shivers in glee*

4. Alpha: (insert sigh here). Jackson is a take charge kind of man whose presence fills a room and leaves other males in shadow. The thing about Jackson, though? He knows when to concede control and has utmost respect for women. Yum.

5. Open-Minded: One cannot stress just how sexy this character trait is. Two of his crew members are gay, his co-lead is a strong-willed woman, and he demonstrates great respect for their team psychic, when most think the profession is a fraud. He listens to others' opinions, asks for their advice, and takes into account their beliefs and feelings. Now that, my friends, is a keeper!

So there you have it. Are you swooning? Oh, how I loved writing Jackson's character. I kinda want to shove Ava out and insert me instead. Alas, Jackson wouldn't tolerate it. He fell hard and they're meant to be. But do vote #TeamJackson as he's the perfect book boyfriend. Thanks for coming by! xo

Find out more about Jackson Granger in Ghost of a Promise by Kelly Moran

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