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Weekend Reading [02/27-01/01] :: What do you geek on?

I'm in a total hurry today Rhireaders! Fridays are often errand days for me in addition to them being my Nerd Night. So I've got to find time to workout, shower, make a grocery list, do the shopping and other errands, fix something to take to the Nerd Night, make dinner, and then the actual Nerd Night. Not including anything that comes up in between or this post... lol

What's your crazy busy day of the week? Do you ever actualy get time to read on your busy day? I usually do not.

So what are you going to be reading this weekend? I've had an ARC for Kevin Hearne's HEIR TO THE JEDI for ages now and have been so swamped with other reading I'm having to smoosh it in last minute before next week's release day. Yes, I am a huge Star Wars nerd. Like ridiculously so. It's one of my favorite things. What do you get really nerdy about that most people would not expect? 

Speaking of geeking out about pop culture. If you don't follow me on Instagram you've missed out on lots of neat #geekmail posts this week. I finally got my backer rewards from the Espionage Cosmetics kickstarter—which I'll be sharing more photos of soon—and February's Fandom of the Month Club package which was Divergent themed! As you can see it was a clever set of jewelry this month. Now, if you're a fellow Whovian next month's theme is going to appeal to you and rumor has it a previous fandom is getting a repeat in April (I'm guessing Harry Potter since the club runner is a huuuuge HP geek).

Well then... I better get going so I find time to get everything done today. Have a fabulous weekend and don't forget to comment with your weekend reading plans! -- Rhi

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