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Review: Riding the Odds by Lynda K. Scott

Riding the Odds by Lynda K. Scott
Scifi, Romance
An act of desperation and the beginning of seduction...
Spaceship captain Tara Rowan has her secrets. One is her Rider, Zie—an organic symbiote, like a living tattoo—that enhances Tara's physical abilities. But Zie is no ordinary Rider, and Tara can never risk anyone discovering Zie's true origins. Especially not the sexily dangerous stranger who appears out of nowhere and makes Tara's pulse race...
Except that "Trace Munroe" isn't exactly who he says he is. He's in fact a Holy Knight, who does everything by the book, and Tara is his only lead in tracking down a kidnapped princess. And Trace will do whatever it takes to get that information—including blackmail. But a blazing attraction to Tara is definitely complicating things...especially when Trace realizes that following his code of honor means destroying the woman he's falling for.

Author Site: website

Epic scifi adventure with a hearty romance! (5 stars)

When it comes to the romance genre scifi romance has always kind of been the odd man out. But it's amazing books like RIDING THE ODDS that make me wish more of my romance loving friends were into it.

While it took me a few chapters to warm to it, it wasn't long before I was burrowed deep into one of the neatest sets of scifi world building I've come across in a long time. I'm admittedly still full of questions and eager to see this book as a series, it's got that much packed into it. Tara is a pretty great character and if you love a heroine who is her hero's equal as much as I do her relationship with Trace is going to be a favorite. They have secrets from one another that provide a healthy dose of conflict but most of what keeps them from getting together with ease is outside problems. Back-stabbing allies, blackmail, kidnappers, and the every day issue of being able to afford to eat. It's an epic adventure story that brings two great characters together.

If you've enjoyed previous scifi romances from authors like Nina Croft, Cheryl Brooks, or Katee Robert you have to read RTO! Though my review is shorter than most it's because it was simply that good and if I elaborate too much I might ruin some of the surprises. I will definitely be watching to see what Scott has to add to the genre next.

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Notes: ARC received via publisher.

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