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Weekend Reading [01/16-01/18] :: In which sleeplessness makes me a rage monster...

It's Friday and I just can't even...

My 5-year-old has been on-again-off-again sick since mid-December. This week it came roaring back with this wicked snot-factory thing. She can't sleep without medicine to make it so she can breath but then as soon as the drowsiness wears off from the meds she wakes up and is UP for the day. This morning's wake-up was at 3:41AM. Nothing I tried got her back to sleep so I'm running on coffee fumes and rage. Pray for me. I might murder someone this weekend. :P

The good news is I'm starting to get my feet back under me after last week's bad news. I'm not over it but I'm better than I was. I bought myself a bottle of wine and I plan to scrub the tub, drop in one of my Fandom Cupcakes I got for Christmas, and relax in some scalding water... tomorrow night.

Friday which is usually our Nerd Night with friends but the menfolk abandoned the lady nerds for some video gaming tonight. Which means it's lady's night and I have no idea what shenanigans we plan on getting up to. I'm so boring I imagine we'll wind up eating dinner at a restaurant and all heading home for sleep... or in my case a book. ;)

So what book(s) are you winding your way through this weekend? I've had some really good reads lately and I'm almost done with PAPER OR PLASTIC by Vivi Barnes. I wasn't planning on reading it but sometimes you just need a romantic contemporary YA and it was perfect timing. I am loving Noah, if I was 16 I'd have a total crush.

On audio I've been listening to THE RIFT WALKER and I kind of wish James Marsters did more narrations because I love his narration on this. I think I might take a break from it and start NIGHT RISING though. I've wanted to read the Vampire Babylon series for years and had an opp to review it on audio I could not pass up.

Who are some of your favorite audio book narrators and why? I've been wanting to find this out but dunno how many of you are audio readers.

*yawn* and on that note I'm going to go make a cup of coffee so I can survive dinner with friends. May your weekend be filled with relaxation or fun with friends or whatever positive, good stuff you need right now! ♥ -- Rhi


Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Oh man that is rough! I hope your little bit is feeling better. That'd definitely make a girl channel her inner rage monster. Whew!

Book Lover said...

I am hoping to catch up on reading this weekend. One is a book you posted earlier this week but I'm so tired and brain dead at the moment to remember which it was.



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