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Weekend Reading [01/09-01/11] :: Disillusionment & Kitten Nightmares

This past week has utterly disenchanted me on the publishing industry, the players involved in it, and even, my own role within it. 

You, my readers, are some of the only people who knew that I had been hired as a personal assistant to author Stacey Jay back in December.

And I just deleted the next 600 words I had originally written for this post because what more really needs said other than that I lost my job this week, as well as a beloved author, and that I am pretty damned depressed about it.

I'm trying not to read much of the aftermath because I promised Stacey I wouldn't post anything to stir up trolls but as someone who had a stake in the whole thing both as an employee and a fan, I just wanted to say I appreciate that so many people 'got' what was intended as a chance to give the fans something they wanted, not the scam some people made it out to be.

I've been so stressed about it I've had nightmares for the first time in years. Here's hoping this will all blow over by the new week so we can move on. Also, if you know anyone looking for a part-time author's assistant let me know... I was looking forward to doing more and well, having a little money in savings.

Subject change... so this post is supposed to be about what I'm reading this weekend but I'm really not feeling very bookish, for obvious reasons. I may not even read at all. Maybe I'll just game and do dishes and mop floors and watch Vampire Diaries and be a sulky bitch. Because nightmares about kittens bleeding from their eyeballs are keeping my up at night. :P

It is my sincere hope that y'all have a nice weekend without stress and dramabombs! Leave a comment telling me what you're reading eh? -- Rhi


Carmel B said...

*HUGS* I'm sorry to hear it, Rhianna. Times are tough all around, but hopefully you'll bounce back in no time. If binge watching the Vampire Diaries makes you feel better, then I say DO IT! I'm currently listening to Ensnared by A.G. Howard; I'm only a few hours in, so the verdict's still out.

Carmel @ Rabid Reads

Michelle DeLeon said...

Sorry to hear about your bad time, do whatever you need to do to try and feel better and move forward. I'm having a re-read day today.


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