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Weekend Reading [01/02-01/03] :: Bad Endings & Chaotic Beginnings

Happy first Friday of the new year Rhireaders! I hope that the old year left you on a positive note and that if it did not, your new year is the chance for a fresh start you need.

Ours ended on a bittersweet note, our gerbil—who was quite old and expected to pass on for a long time now—finally left us for Valhalla. It was the first time a pet has died for our daughter and she took it surprisingly well but I think all of us were left a bit gloomy by the loss. We wound up spending the evening watching The Vampire Diaries and being lazy which isn't the worst way to start a new year when you're already down with some kind of virus that won't let up. 

I did tackle my Goodreads goal for last year like a mad woman so I decided to be unreasonable for 2015. Now that I want to do a LOT more audio reading though I think I will do really well. What kind of reading goals or challenges have you set for yourself? 

Something I haven't stated yet but that I'm going to attempt is to cut back on my adult romance reading while stepping up my young adult, fantasy, and scifi reading. As much as I love romances, I've really missed these other genres and feel like I let myself accept far too many adult romance titles when I really wanted to be reading other things. Fewer favors to author friends and publicists, more favors to myself.

In non-book 'resolution'-type things I want to play more video games and get more organized as a person. I'm so scatterbrained sometimes and I think a contributing factor in that is not being organized with a calendar/planner and such. Any really organized readers around here who have tips for how YOU stay on top of stuff?

This weekend I've just come off of reading the amazing historical young adult title, FORBIDDEN by Kimberly Griffiths Little, so I'm in total book hangover mode. I'm still not 100% on what I'm going to start tonight since today was the kind of day that ran off the rails but I might continue reading THE ORIGINALS: THE RISE because I'm in a Klaus kind of mood. I really need to just buy the first season of the show already. Any fans here? What is on your Weekend Reading plate?

And I'm off to fix some dinner and attempt to have a mellow evening. Have a great one! -- Rhi

1 comment:

Book Lover said...

I'm actually reading more YA too. I needed a break from all of the violence and sex.

I'm sorry about your gerbil :(


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