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Weekend Reading [12/19-12/21] :: I'm having a good—if crazy busy—week, how about you?

Bleh. What a long week! Tuesday felt like a Friday if that tells ya anything about how much I've packed into this week. Six Facebook parties. One Flash Giveaway. Lots of wrapping. One Apple pie baked. Lots of shopping. Twenty-four Irish Car Bomb cupcakes baked. Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff. And a partridge in a freaking pear tree. lol

But it's officially the weekend and I still have more to do. This afternoon it's a couple of last minute gifts for friends' kids and somehow I have to find time to bake MORE cupcakes. What extra chores or projects do you have complicating your weekend?

This weekend I'm finishing up BLACK ICE by Becca Fitzpatrick which I honestly would not have chosen had I not seen lots of buzz. I was in the mood for something outside my usual pickings and it's pretty intense. My other read is CHRISTMAS WITH A BITE (House of Elysian #1) by Patricia A. Wolf which is okay so far. Can't decide if it's really Christmasy enough for me or not but i'm not very far in yet, maybe about a third?

So what book are you loving or hating as you turn the pages? Leave a comment and let me know and don't forget to enter this weekend's giveaway (it goes live at 6pm MST). -- Rhi

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Kim said...

I finished Christmas with a Bite yesterday. Yeah, it's not very Christmasy. It just takes place around the holiday. But I liked it. I can't figure out where the series is going to go. But it had some surprises that I liked.

Notice, I'm on the computer and NOT doing things for Christmas, like cleaning up my house.


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