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Christmas Wonder Blog Hop [December 1st-31st] Grand Prize Giveaway + My Giveaway!

Welcome to RhiReading Christmas Wonder hoppers!

Greetings from the frigid wasteland known as Montana. Yep, as I sit here preparing this post it's mid-November and the current temp is -4 °F and the windchill is even worse. All it makes me want to do is curl up with a cup of warm herbal tea or hot cocoa with my space heater on blast and an audiobook doing the reading for me so I can hide my hands in the blankie.

For the hop we're supposed to write about what we love about the season but the truth is I hate this time of year! It's stressful when you're the female head of the household. There's the shopping and the cooking and the decorating and coordination of at least a dozen parties, concerts, and other social events. All while trying to not spend too much, not to eat too much junk, and grasping at that last wisp of Christmas cheer one can rustle.

Since the hop ends on NYE I thought I'd give away something to look forward to in the new year, an audiobook to curl up with during those cold January moments when you need a distraction from your overly ambitious resolutions, credit card statement from hell, or the stress of putting away all that shit that you could swear you just hung on that tree yesterday.

Be sure and enter both MY giveaway and the GRAND PRIZE drawing, then hop to each of the other blogs for more awesome chances to win!

May your Christmas be a merry one!
$100 Amazon Gift Card


Unknown said...

You've got nothing on us with your -4 °F + windchill! I'm not big on Christmas either, but DH loves it, so I try to suck it up just for him. Speaking of which, he's probably going to make us put up the tree sometime this week. Better put my game face on. Haha! At least there's one good thing about it being December, giveaways! Happy hopping. :)

Carmel @ Rabid Reads.

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Oh my gosh -4? We're having a hot Winter day here in NC. In a tank top and contemplating the AC. lol It's a freak day though we've been in the 20-30s a lot lately which is pretty dang chilly for our area.

Thanks for joining in on the hop!

Book Lover said...

Very naughty. Okay not really but that sounds good right?


JeanMP said...

It has been a stressful year in our household, so haven't had anytime to be naughty this year.
Happy Holidays!

Heather said...

well actually I've been good. lol, but being bud is more fun!

Heather said...

Hi RhiReading!

Anonymous said...

We are having alot of rain not now at 38 degrees. Not much snow yet. We were forecast to get 8 to 12 inches of snow but had about 2. Oh well I am glad. Thank you for the generous giveaways. I am greatful.

Elizabeth said...

I've been a little bit of both. I try to be nice with some harmless naughty to keep things interesting.

Nana Prah said...

I've read a couple of romance novels set in Montana. They all seem to occur in the winter. Perhaps something about being snowed in too. Lol. It may not be a state I'd want to visit during the holidays. I hope your Christmas isn't too stressful this year.

Dovile said...

I've been mostly nice.

Unknown said...

I've been nice of course!

Rhianna said...

So many nice people here! Where are my trouble makers? lol

Molly Mortensen said...

-4 degrees! And I thought we had it bad in Michigan! Stay warm and happy holidays! :)

Anne said...

I have been way too good.

Unknown said...

I'd have to say mostly nice :) Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

I think I have been as nice as I could be to everyone this year and I have been as naughty as much as I possible could without going overboard. No matter how naughty I might have been I was always nice doing it.


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