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Weekend Reading [11/27-11/30] :: Special News & Holiday Themed Reading

To my American readers, sending you warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving! To all of my readers, please know I am very thankful to have your following and readership.

I decided to start my weekend reading today because to be honest, I could use a day off of blogging madness. The past two months have been insane both behind-the-scenes blogging and in my private life. Plus, I'm going to be starting a new job as an author assistant on Monday and I need a little calm before the storm. Yeah, I just announced that all sneaky like... more details will come if and when my new boss and I are ready to share our partnership. ☺

This weekend I'm going to be finally starting PRINCESS OF THORNS by Stacey Jay! I've been dying to read it but didn't want to start it too soon before the release day. Because I gotta admit, sometimes I forget details after reading a book if I read it months before a release. But dude, a book that's billed as Game of Thrones meets Sleeping Beauty from my favorite author? It has to be good. I loved her last fairytale retelling, OF BEAST AND BEAUTY, so much I ordered a signed hardcover.

What are you guys going to be reading? I bought a ton of holiday themed books and boxed sets this month including LOVE, LAUGHTER, AND MERRILY EVER AFTERS which is a total steal at only 99¢! I read and really enjoyed Jessie Evans' story, TWELVE DATES OF CHRISTMAS, which is totally worth the boxed set price by itself.

If you know of any other awesome holiday themed novellas or boxed sets let me know in the comments because I'm doing a TON of giveaways next month and am still looking for some good picks to treat my readers to.

And on that note dear readers I best run off and get a shower, do some dishes, and maybe even put some makeup on. I'm not in charge of dinner this year so I'll be taking it a little easy until them dishes need doing. Have a great weekend! -- Rhi

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Unknown said...

I could use a day off from blogging too, but unfortunately I don't get to start my weekend early, so read & eat some turkey for me would ya?? I hope you enjoy Princess of Thorns! I've come across a couple of so-so reviews for it on my rounds today, here's hoping those peeps were WRONG. Hehe!

Carmel @ Rabid Reads.


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